Reebok Men's RB4891 Ketia EH Non Metallic Comp Toe Shoes

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Product Details
Brand: Reebok
Reebok: Men's
STYLE: Athletic Shoes
TOE: Round Toe
BOOT PROTECTION: Electrical Hazard Protection
SKIN: Casual

These Reebok Men's RB4891 Ketia EH Non Metallic Composite Toe Shoes are a great choice for casual wear or your morning exercise regimen. Their fun, athletic style will match well with most jogging outfits, and they're made with plenty of features that will give you a little boost in the game.

These Reebok shoes are made with tri-density rubber outsoles, providing plenty of traction and slip-resistance for safe running and maneuvering in the outdoors, where it can get pretty slippery. For cushioned impact with every stride, the midsoles and removable inserts are made with EVA.

If you need safety toe shoes that offer a little protection alongside the comfort, this non-metallic Reebok style also features composite safety toes that will keep your toes from being crushed and flattened. Even with the protection, they're still 100% non-metallic, so they won't set of any security alarms. For great looks to match the rest of these Reebok safety shoes' awesome qualities, the uppers are made with leather and suede. Plus, the dark grey with blue trim gives them a fresh, crisp look.

Whether you need athletic shoes for your morning jog or comfortable work shoes, Reebok RB4891 Ketia EH Non Metallic Composite Toe Men's Shoes are up for the job. They're comfortable, they look great, and they'll keep you doing the best you can do.

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