Lacrosse Footwear

Everything LaCrosse makes is built with purpose; they’ve been doing it that way for over a century. This is true even knowing that every new pair of boots they send out into the world is by nature unfinished. Only when they're worn in the toughest conditions Mother Nature can dish out, do they earn their name.

In 1897 the LA Crosse Rubber Mills Company is founded and is based on the ethos of "quality goods, workmanship, and honest values. The rubber mill began its first venture into building footwear in 1906. In 1909 Arthur S. Funk, the son of La Crosse Founder Michael Funk, pioneered the development of synthetic rubber also coined as neoprene. Fast forward a few years later La Crosse sets their sights on Engineering an improved fit for the rubber boot, introducing the first ankle boot - the Grange.

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